May 06, 2012

Mötley Crüe - Live: Entertainment or Death (Mötley, 1999)

Mötley Crüe - Live: Entertainment or Death
Ruint memento! They altered entire vocal.

  1. "They altered entire vocal": According to a reviewer at Metal Sludge, "All the vocals from Perkins Palace, 11/19/82, are touched up. I have a bootlegs of that show and the vocals are totally different than what appears on this album."
  2. Alternative anagram: Teetotal Vince Neil? Myth! Atone, murderer!
  3. "Teetotal": Our sources inform us that "to curb Vince's drinking, Nikki had the idea of fining band members $25,000 if they were caught drunk on tour. After a show in San Francisco, Vince's taxi driver told Nikki that Vince had been drinking the night before, which caused a fight between Nikki and Vince in the lobby of their hotel."
  4. "Murderer": See our anagram for Theatre of Pain.
  5. Another version: Tatty murderer Vince Neil: "Oh, let me atone!"

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