November 27, 2011

Robin Williams - Reality...What a Concept! (Casablanca, 1979)

Robin Williams - Reality...What a Concept
Woman: "I contract herpes. Liability law!"

  1. In 1986, a San Francisco cocktail waitress sued Mr. Williams for infecting her with herpes, which she reportedly contracted as a result of "repose—intimacy—with ill clown at a bar." Had she known he was infected, she argued, she would have said "Wait! I will contract herpes on my labia!" Williams was defiant at first (Rich actor: "My penis? No law will abate it!")But he eventually settled out of court, after which he was heard to remark "Oy! In tribal law, I'm a tacit herpes clown."
  2. Alternative anagram: R.W.: "I prattle amiably whilst on cocaine."

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Anonymous said...

It'll be a damn shame if no band ever chooses to name themselves the "Tacit Herpes Clowns."