December 17, 2013

Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (Mercury, 1969)

Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
Wanton dodo! I noted your two rectal venereal warts.

  1. "Two rectal venereal warts": This is not the first time we've been privy to uncomfortable details about this sensitive topic. And it may not be the last. 
  2. Alternative anagram: "Don't worry, luv...we won't eat a crooner's tainted load!"


Rhett Lawrence said...

You're on quite the roll with Rod Stewart lately. Maybe it's time to move on to some other 70's dumbass. Cat Stevens just made it into the stinkin' RRHOF, fer chrissakes, so let's take him down a peg or two, eh?

Regardless, welcome back! Glad I didn't give up on popping back in a couple of times for the last year!

Rhett Lawrence said...

Edit: meant to say "a couple of times a week" above, believe it or not.

Dr Hesselius said...

Thanks, Rhett! We're grateful for your patience with our extended absence.

The emotional strain of working on the borderland between mundane reality and the spirit world is intense, even before you factor in the depression caused by rummaging in the dustbin of pop culture. I'm sure you can see why we'd need the occasional mental-health break.

Maybe we're still too psychologically damaged to appreciate the news about Cat Stevens entering the RRHOF. At the moment, it seems kind of like complaining that someone poured a glass of water into a bucket of water.

Anyway, thanks for your kind words!