February 10, 2012

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops (2062, 2002)

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
Death-smoke is billowing. It's inspirational!

  1. A writer at Tiny Mix Tapes says, "Like most, I was introduced to [The Disintegration Loops] through its connection to 9/11, and the imagery of Basinski blaring his loops across a smoke-filled New York skyline has never left me. I can only assume that my own experience with those loops was common: they became an aural monument to the tragedy of 9/11, a crystallization of the events through sound." 
  2. Alternative anagram: Billowing smoke: That airline's dissipation.
  3. Another: Hip listening! I owe brilliant disks to Osama. 
  4. And yet another:  Big din! I owe thanks to Islam's airline pilots!

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