December 19, 2011

Grand Funk Railroad - Good Singin' Good Playin' (MCA, 1976)

Grand Funk Railroad's Good Singin' Good Playin'
Frank's naggin' ordain'd yon odious LP. I gag, Lord!

  1. "Frank's naggin'": Visionary avant-garde genius Frank Zappa talked the band into recording this album after they'd broken up. Tragically, they split up again before the recording was finished, despite Zappa's tearful efforts to keep his idols "Shinin' On." They finally resolved their interpersonal conflicts in 2000, when a couple of GFR members reformed the band with the singer from the 1987-92 version of .38 Special, the guitarist from the 1984-96 version of KISS and some other guy. Chances are, they're coming to your town (or a Native American casino near it).

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