November 03, 2011

Sleep Chamber - Sexmagick Ritual (Inner-X-Musick, 1987)

Sleep Chamber - Sexmagick Ritual
"Expurgate lame S/M clichés," I bark.

  1. "Lame S/M clichés": No less an authority than Trouser Press has taken note of Sleep Chamber's "heavy S&M content and explicit graphics."
  2. An alternative anagram, which we can only hope is an exaggeration: Remarkable climaxes. Eight cups!


Rhett Lawrence said...

The Trouser Press community reciprocates our respect for this here site. You've gotten love on the TP message board on more than one occasion. Indeed, it's how I learned about the site and now I'm hooked, Sonic Youth bashing notwithstanding.

Dr Hesselius said...

Good to know, Rhett. Thanks!

Thanks, too, for not holding a grudge re: SY. We appreciate your understanding!